• Children's Book Baxter's New Home by Mark Pontz

    Mark Pontz

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    Baxter's New Home story by Mark Pontz Illustrated by Jennifer Ruch.


    Mark has worked in mortgage lending for nearly two decades and has helped thousands of young families move into new homes.  The excitement and anticipation surrounding a new home purchase can be a double-edged sword for families and especially for children.  Mark hopes telling baxter the dog's story of his (and  his peoples') transition will help children moving to a new home cope with the changes. 


    Baxter is nervous at first, but settles into his new home and makes new friends, just as Mark's clients' kids will.  Helping families through the transition of a new house is all part of aMark's idea of customer service.  


    Mark lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania and his wife, Marian, and teenage daughter, Madison.

    To learn more about Mark, visit: www.markpontz.com

    Mark's proceeds go to help the local Humane Society.

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